Code Enforcement

The Town of Mangonia Park disbanded its Code Enforcement Board in 2008. Code Enforcement violation(s) are investigated and submitted by the Town's Code Enforcement Officer and reviewed by a "Special Magistrate," appointed and contracted by the Town Council.

Upon a thorough review of any violation(s) brought before the Special Magistrate, a hearing is scheduled for violator(s) who fail to comply with the Town's Code of Ordinances. For those who comply with the Code Enforcement violation(s) they were cited upon, a hearing before the Special Magistrate is not necessary, and none will be scheduled.

However, cited violators(s) have the right to appeal their alleged violation(s) by requesting a hearing before the Special Magistrate of the Town of Mangonia Park. Any hearing scheduled before the Special Magistrate will be held in the Council Chambers at Town Hall

Report a Code Violations

Any violation(s) of our Town Code of Ordinances can be reported by calling (561) 848-1235, Monday thru Friday, 8 AM-4 PM. Or, you can e-mail code enforcement violations and send photo evidence to: DScott [at]

Department Staff

Special Magistrate
(561) 848-1235
Code Officer
(561) 851-4242